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How to make security a weapon in your managed services arsenal ...

When the heads of 19 countries and the EU flew into Brisbane last November for the two-day, $400 million G20 conference, they floated in on a three-year bonanza that has reoriented Queensland as a centre for information security. Even before the VIPs took the scorching ride from the tarmac to their five-star hotel rooms, the 4000 delegates, 2500 journalists and some 1000 assorted hangers-on attending the Group of 20 event were protected almost one for one by 5000 police and 1900 soldiers.


Dynamic Business Technologies profile, 2014 CRN Fast50

A lesson in successfully switching from engineer to entrepreneur.


Trimble Networks profile, 2014 CRN Fast50

A founder stays true to his business vision and his customers.


#9 Olikka, 2014 CRN Fast50 - Services - Features - CRN Australia

#9 Olikka, 2014 CRN Fast50 - Services - Features - ...


Enosys profile, 2014 CRN Fast50

Disruption comes naturally for these trend spotters.


Broadband Solutions profile, 2014 CRN Fast50

Meet the guys who are cutting your in-room hotel internet bills.


NGage Technology Group profile, 2014 CRN Fast50

It’s said that great fortunes are made in recessions. Think of household names such as AT&T, General Motors and Disney, which were all founded in economic downturns.

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Beware bill shock in shift to subscriptions

If you still need convincing that Australia has embraced the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) approach to IT, let Glenn Cameron set you straight.


Last year's Fast50 winner keeps the growth going

With nearly 265 percent growth in last year’s CRN Fast50, No.1 reseller NGage faces what besets all fast-growing businesses – sustainability.


Unified comms: avoiding communication breakdowns

From managing trans-national corporations to the US government’s war room, rapidly expanding networking connectivity is unleashing new applications for unified communications.


Help customers go hyper-scale

The phrase ‘having one throat to choke’ is a grim way to describe the ideal of having a single supplier who cops the blame when things go pear-shaped. But there are big upsides of converged infrastructure where server, storage, networks, virtualisation and other resources are bonded into one, manageable and holistic solution.


Hitting the mark with business intelligence

From the football field to the boardroom, big data is making its presence felt.

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The rise of Asia in the Australian channel

How Lenovo, Huawei, NEC and NTT are leading the charge.

When Nextgen Distribution set up shop three years ago, founder John Walters wanted the company to live up to its name – and that meant finding Asian suppliers of enterprise IT who were cleanskins in the Australian channel.

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Beyond the Asian Century: advice on fitting in

Asia has been helping to lift Australian standards of living and boosts to productivity for more than 20 years, a fact recognised by the Australian Government in its watershed report, Australia in the Asian Century, which found that in this time, China and India “almost tripled their share of the global economy and increased their absolute economic size almost six times over”.