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Business Spectator

Doubting Apple's iPhone wisdom

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki doesn't rule out a third stint at Apple, but he's not expecting a call from CEO Tim Cook any time soon. "You're either inside the tent or outside, and I'm not inside the tent," the 58-year-old Kawasaki joked on his trip to Sydney this week. "Never say never, but I think the probability of Apple wanting me to come back is roughly equal to me playing in the professional hockey league NHL."

Business Spectator

The end of the CIO?

The days of the organisation's head nerd counting servers are numbered as the business demands innovative products and services from IT....

Business Spectator

Real estate's data evolution

Strong housing headwinds have forced property groups to get smarter when it comes to extracting value from the market....

Business Spectator

Where technology meets potatoes

A start-up that uses technology to optimise potato harvests has won the right to represent Australia and New Zealand in IBM's first SmartCamp in China....

Business Spectator

Are CIOs ready for the carbon tax?

The trading scheme is nearly here but information officers are still ignorant.

Business Spectator

Smarter real estate bets

How Ray White turns a profit from Tableau analytics.

Business Spectator

TECHNOLOGY SPECTATOR: O'Farrell gambles Sydney conventions

The NSW government risks losing major conferences to other capitals as it embarks on a three-year refurbishment of Darling Harbour, including its convention centre. It's a move which the industry says may not pay off....

Business Spectator

Nate Cochrane | Business Spectator

by Nate Cochrane. 25 Sep 2012, 11:17 AM. Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki seems less than impressed by the iPhone 5, but remains confident that the tech ......

Business Spectator

A CeBit conference glitch

The sudden closure of the Sydney Convention Centre is a big opportunity for interstate rivals to grab a piece of the multi-billion dollar IT conference pie....